The main activity of the Engineering Company "KRIPTO" is scientific, technical and industrial activity, namely: conducting research, development, design and technological work; development, manufacture and implementation of specialized non-standardized technological equipment, devices and process control systems, as well as other specialized apparatuses, devices and mechanisms; development and implementation of the latest technologies for enterprises of various industries.


The staff of the enterprise - highly qualified specialists, professionals in the field of scientific and technical development, with vast experience in the secondary engineering industry of the USSR - has been formed and is counting down to the beginning of its existence on January 13, 1989.

The company has a closed cycle of construction production: from design to real construction, having all the permits for this (licenses, permits to carry out work of increased danger, etc.), design personnel and construction equipment, specialists and contractors.


The limited liability company “Engineering company“ KRIPTO ”was established by the agreement of the founders on July 11, 2001. The charter of the Engineering Company “KRIPTO” was adopted at the meeting of the founders on July 11, 2001, protocol No. 1 and acquired the rights of a legal entity from the moment of its registration in the executive committee of the Zheltovodsk City Council - “Order No. 189-r of 07.19.01 on the registration of LLC Engineering Company "KRIPTO".


The location of the enterprise is Dnipropetrovsk region, the city of Yellow Waters. Here are located the office and production facilities of the enterprise.


Legal address: Ukraine, 52209, Zheltye Vody, Dnipropetrovsk region, st. Grushevskogo 78.

phone / fax: (05652) 2-79-70 or 2-62-70, E-mail: kriptoik@ukr.net,


Representative offices in Russia:


LLC "Ecohimtech", 119619, Moscow, st. Aviators, 8/1

tel./fax +7 (495) 435-80-19,

E-mail: ecochemtech@mail.ru


LLC "RusKhimSnab", Belgorod, st. Student, 18

tel / fax +7 (4722) 40-00-40

E-mail: zakaz@rhs.com.ru