Viscometer АКВ-2ЖВ

Вискозиметр АКВ-2ЖВ

Automatic capillary viscometer АКВ-2ЖВ is a laboratory device designed to determine the effective viscosity of greases in accordance with ГОСТ 7163-84.

The essence of the method is based on the laws of laminar fluid flow in a round tube of small diameter (capillary) under pressure. The viscosity of plastic-abnormally viscous materials at a constant temperature depends on the shear strain rate. This viscosity is called effective viscosity.

The design of the viscometer provides a graphical dependence of the flow of the test sample through the capillary, according to which, with further processing of the obtained parameters, the effective viscosity is calculated.

The scope of the device is measuring, testing and research laboratories of enterprises and research institutes that develop, produce and consume petroleum products in various industries.








Main parameters and technical characteristics of the device:

— measurement range: from 1 to 6000 Pa × s;

— nominal value of stem diameter: 10 mm;

— linear speed of the chart strip:

for I speed W = 1.63 cm / sec;

for speed II W = 0.093 cm / s;

for speed III W = 0.005 cm / s;

— capillary radii: from 0.5 to 2.5 mm;

— temperature of the controlled environment: from minus 60 to plus 130 ° C;

— limits of the allowed relative error when measuring dynamic viscosity: ± 10%;

— deviation from the nominal value of the radius of the capillary: ± 10 microns;

— deviation from the nominal value of the length of the capillary: ± 10 microns;

— deviation from the nominal value of the stem radius: ± 2 microns;

— deviation from the nominal value of the linear speed of the chart tape: ± 3%;

— characteristics of the results of measurements of effective viscosity according to ГОСТ 7163-84.