Enrichment of various ores and concentrate

The technology is based on the application of the method of radiometric or x-ray radiometric fluorescence sorting of material from tailings or dumps containing useful components (uranium, iron, copper, nickel, manganese, rare earth elements, etc.), with the release of concentrate and secondary tails.
Radiometric sorting is applicable for uranium and thorium ores when sorting machine-grade pieces plus 40 minus 300 mm using natural gamma-ray radiation in the energy range from 63 keV to 2.2 MeV.
X-ray radiometric fluorescence sorting can be used to enrich iron, copper, nickel, manganese and other ores that do not have natural radioactivity.
To excite the fluorescent (characteristic) gamma radiation of the L or K-series, isotopes or an X-ray tube are used. Registration of fluorescence radiation is carried out by scintillation detection units, proportional counters or semiconductor detectors.