Information boards for gas stations

The KRIPTO engineering company begins production of information boards for gas stations of the ISCH-AZS series based on LED technologies that are designed to display the type of fuel and price.
Our company took an active part in the development of LED systems for displaying information according to customer requirements. Our technical solutions have been introduced into serial production by various enterprises of Ukraine and neighboring countries. During the design work, our experts analyzed the declared technical characteristics of the LEDs of more than 15 world manufacturers, and a unique test was conducted on the artificial degradation of LEDs to determine the real life of the work.

Single line shield

Multi-line shield


Having vast experience in the design of LED information display systems, the company begins to produce its own information boards for displaying information of the ИЩ-АЗС series. In these products, all the latest achievements of solid-state world microelectronics are introduced. Below is a model of the equipment for the stele of gas stations.


It should be noted that the actual brightness of the LEDs is not shown in the figure (the palette of the drawing system does not allow).


Distinctive features of this series of shields are:

  • the use of LEDs of the American company Cree with a service life of more than 70 thousand hours;
  • the presence of a unique power supply system for each LED separately;
  • the presence of a matrix field to display the type of fuel. Now there is an opportunity to flexibly change the type of fuel and the ability to display a logo;
  • automatic climate control system for shields;
  • the presence of an automatic system for changing the brightness of the shield by a real-time clock;
  • system for self-diagnosis and emergency shutdown of faulty equipment;
  • the entire information internal network is built on the basis of the industry standard RS-485;
  • the ability to transfer information between the control panel and the information board over the air;
  • for pricing, it is possible to obtain data in transit from cash registers of the type «Резонанс».