X-ray Radiometric Fluorescence Iron Ore Separators

X-ray radiometric fluorescence separators of type ИКПС-1 (intelligent combined lumpy) and of type PPM-Ф (X-ray radiometric fluorescence) are intended for enrichment of dumps of iron ore and iron ore of current mining.

In the separators, an X-ray radiometric fluorescence method for measuring the iron content in pieces of ore moving on a conveyor belt in one stream or in special trays when moving in four streams is implemented. At the same time, the iron content in each individual piece of ore is determined by the intensity of fluorescent (characteristic) radiation of iron with gamma quanta energy of 5.9 keV, excited by an X-ray tube or isotope americium-241 in accordance with the laws of the photoelectric effect.

Gamma rays of iron fluorescent radiation are detected by a semiconductor detector based on highly pure germanium (OCH).
The geometric dimensions of each piece of ore are calculated programmatically by the gamma-field effect.
The information obtained during the sorting process is processed by a specialized computer, which provides a control action on a high-speed electromagnetic device for separating the flow of pieces into concentrate and tails.

The use of these separators can increase the iron content in the concentrate by 10-20% compared with the input product. The iron content in the tailings, in this case, will depend on the iron content in the input product and in the concentrate.

The input capacity of the ИКПС-1 separator is up to 100.0 thousand tons per year.
The input capacity of the PPM-Ф separator is up to 200.0 thousand tons per year.

Granulometric grade of ore: plus 40 minus 100 mm.

Before feeding the separator inlet, the inlet product must be washed with industrial water to eliminate the influence of dust.