Electromagnetic separator ЭС-01

The ЭС-01 electromagnetic separator is designed for wet enrichment of materials containing manganese, hematite and other substances with low magnetic susceptibility.

Structurally, the separator is a system of magnetic cores, pole pieces and induction rollers (rolls). In this design, 2 rolls are used. The magnetic field in the magnetic circuit is generated using coils mounted on the magnetic circuit. The coils are electrically connected in parallel independently of each other. Supply voltage - 36 V of a direct current.

Induction rollers with their protrusions enter the hollows of the pole pieces. The geometry of the protrusions and depressions creates the necessary gradient of the magnetic field induction in the separation gap of weakly magnetic and nonmagnetic materials. The width of the gap can be adjusted.
Magnetic field induction is regulated in the range from 1.0 to 2.0 T.

The design of the separator is characterized by increased reliability and maintainability in comparison with analogues.