Penetrometer ПН-1ЖВ

The ПН-1ЖВ penetrometer is a laboratory device designed to determine the penetration (permeability number) of greases and other petroleum products in accordance with ГОСТ 5346-78.

Penetration is an indicator characterizing the consistency of the test sample. The unit of penetration is an integer of tenths of a millimeter.

The essence of the method is to determine the immersion depth (penetration number) in the test sample of a standard cone for 5 seconds at 25 ° C with a total load of 150 g, expressed as an integer of tenths of a millimeter on the penetrometer scale.

The scope of the device is measuring, testing and research laboratories of enterprises and research institutes that develop, produce and consume petroleum products in various industries.

Main parameters and technical characteristics of the device:

— permissible limits for measuring the penetration of the test sample: from 0 to 400 units;
— the arithmetic average of three determinations for a test sample with a penetration of up to 200 and five determinations for a test sample with a penetration of 200 or higher, rounded to a multiple of five, is taken as the test result;
— Allowable discrepancies between parallel definitions should not exceed the values specified with ГОСТ 5346-78;
overall dimensions, no more than, mm: 400 × 300 × 770;
— mass, no more, kg: 25.