Wall-mounted radiometer РПО-1

Radiometer РПО-1 developed taking into account the operating experience of the previous options. Designed for gamma testing the walls of mine workings during the search, exploration and exploitation of uranium ore deposits by the method of directed reception by determining the mass fraction of uranium in the ore body from the results of measurements of two flows of pulsed signals and a calibration coefficient. The calibration factor is determined by the standard sample of the uranium ore body ОСО — Р по ОСО—95—250—90.

The design of the radiometer is a monoblock with a convenient handle and is equipped with an LED digital indicator, control buttons and a connector for communication with a computer. The composition of the radiometer includes an extension rod for testing on the arch of a mine working (at the request of the customer) and a cable for connecting to a computer (PC). A sketch version of the device is shown in Fig. 1 (see Appendix 1).

Measurement data is systematized and stored on the instrument’s built-in microcomputer. Information for further processing is transmitted to the computer via USB or RS232 interface.

The device is powered by a lithium-ion battery.

Basic technical data:

  1. The measured nuclide is radium-226.
  2. The range of conversion of the gamma radiation flux from the radium source 226 of the RA type to the proportional flow of pulsed signals by a radiometer is 50 to 20,000 s-1.
  3. The range of gamma radiation energies recorded by the radiometer is from 40 to 4800 fJ (from 250 to 3000 keV).
  4. The sensitivity of the main channel of the radiometer to the gamma radiation of a RA-type radium-226 source at a distance of 1 m is not less than 600 s-1 mg-1 (0.7 s-1 • μR-1 • h).
  5. Limits of permissible basic relative error of the radiometer when calibrated by a source with radium-226 radionuclide type RA with a confidence level of 0.95 not more than ± 10%.
  6. The instability of the radiometer readings for 16 hours of continuous operation is not more than 3%.
  7. The radiometer provides four measurement modes:
    1. by time - from 1 s to 60 s;
    2. by a set of pulses in the main channel from 1000 to 10000;
    3. continuous measurement with the output of the intensity of the gamma stream to the “indicator” and the output of “clicks” to the acoustic emitter;
    4. measurement with a delay in starting the measurement from 0 to 9 s (used to work with an extension rod on a mine arch).
  8. Information exchange between the radiometer and the PC is carried out through one of the USB interfaces (RS-232).
  9. The operating time of the radiometer from one charge (100 measurements / h) reaches 80 hours.
  10. The mass of the radiometer is not more than 2 kg.
  11. Environmental parameters characterizing operating conditions: - ambient temperature from minus 10 to +50 ºС; - relative humidity at a temperature of 35 ºС no more than 95%; - atmospheric pressure kPa from 84 to 106.7 kPa; - external gamma background, no more than 140 • 10 -12 A • kg-1 (2000 μR • h-1)