Jet cutter Терминатор 270


The cutter is designed for manual oxygen cutting of low carbon, low alloy steels, cast irons. The torch due to the generation of a jet of conversion of the chemical and dynamic energy of the working components gives the maximum thermal, high-temperature (T = 3800 K), supersonic (V = 3600 m / s) flame jet, which allows its use in underwater cutting.

As fuel for the operation of the torch under water, lighting kerosene is used for ОСТ 38.01407-86; aviation fuel TC-1; PT, for jet engines ГС ТУ320.001149943.011-99 (hereinafter referred to as kerosene K).

The torch has a separate supply of working components (gas and fuel) and refers to torches with an intraspersonal mixture of fuel and oxygen.
The torch is supplied with oxygen from an oxygen ramp (4-12) and more cylinders.
The operation of the torch is based on the conversion of the energy of combustion of fuel, in the combustion chamber, into the kinetic energy of a jet stream flowing out of the nozzle of the torch with great speed and high temperature.
The jet stream is a high-temperature (3500 and above column C) mixture of gases (combustion products) flowing out of the nozzle at a supersonic speed.


Torch specifications «Терминатор-270 » for underwater cutting


The thickness of the cut metal, mm


up to 30 mm

over 30mm

Pressure, kgf / cm²

Oxygen ........                      

in the tank .......








Low carbon, low alloy steels, cast iron


Oxygen, m³ / hour
Fuel, kg / hour






Reactive recoil, kg


Fuel used

Lighting kerosene KO-25 in accordance with ГОСТ 4753-68;

jet fuel «РТ»

according to ГС ТУ 320.00149943.007- 97

Torch weight

No more than 20 kg


Cutter scope of delivery «ТЕРМИНАТОР- 270 »


The torch is supplied with:


- thermosetting cutter «ТЕРМИНАТОР-270»;

- sleeves of a high pressure (РВД) - oxygen РВД-30m; fuel high pressure hitch - 30 m;  

  РВД for inert gas - 1 meter;

- fuel tank with pressure relief valve and valve

   fuel supply to the system - 1 pc;

- oxygen reducer РK-70 - 1 pc;

- manual.


* By a separate order it is delivered: oxygen reducer РK-70 - 2 pcs; collector for gearboxes - 1 pc; fire protection valves for РK-70 - 2 pcs; bundle- (ramp) oxygen from 12 cylinders; Spare parts: swirl, casing, collector.