Design work


— residential buildings, including cottages;
— public buildings and structures, including fitness, sports, cultural and educational purposes, trade, as well as underground and indoor summer types with a span of over 12 meters;
— multifunctional buildings and complexes;
— buildings and structures of industrial enterprises;
— engineering structures;
— buildings and structures for agricultural purposes;
— transport networks, structures and complexes, including roads and storage, maintenance and refueling complexes;
— energy facilities and complexes, including local power plants, electrical substations and switchgears.

2) CONSTRUCTION of supporting and enclosing structures.

3) DESIGNING of internal engineering systems and networks:

— plumbing and sewage; heating; ventilation and air conditioning; gas supply and gas equipment; power supply, electrical equipment and electric lighting; automation and instrumentation; communication, alarm, radio, television.

4) DESIGNING external engineering systems, networks and structures:

— plumbing and sewage; gas supply; power supply, electrical equipment and electric lighting; communication, alarm, radio, television.

5) DEVELOPMENT of special sections of projects:

— environmental impact assessments; labor protection; anticorrosive protection.


— microdistrict, quarter, housing complex, settlement, object.


In addition, the company performs the following works:

— design and supply of radiometric concentration plants for uranium mines;

— design and supply of complexes for processing dumps of iron mines;

— design and supply of complexes for the enrichment of manganese ores;

— designing complexes for heap leaching of useful components using intensification technologies (including biotechnology);

— проектно-изыскательские работы по реабилитации радиоактивно- загрязненных ЕРН объектов;

— design of installations for the purification of contaminated oil and gas equipment of the oil and gas complex, including the supply of equipment;

— development of any projects according to technical specifications of customers;

— development of enterprise development programs.