Plastometer К-2ЖВ

ПластометрThe K-2ЖВ plastometer is a laboratory device designed to determine the tensile strength of greases in accordance with ГОСТ 7143-73.

The strength properties of the lubricant are evaluated by the value of the shear strength index, which determines the boundary between the quiescent state and the plastic flow of the lubricant.
Tensile Strength - The physical characteristic of the consistency of lubricants.

The essence of the method is to determine the pressure at which at a given temperature there is a shift in the lubricant in the capillary of the K-2ЖВ plastometer.

The scope of the device: measuring, testing and research laboratories of enterprises and research institutes that develop, produce and consume petroleum products in various industries.


Main parameters and technical characteristics of the device:

— permissible limits for measuring the strength of greases: from 50 to 4000 Pa;

— depending on the tensile strength of greases, the device can be equipped with manometers with appropriate measurement limits;

— nominal value of the radius of the capillary, cm: Rcap = 0.20;

— nominal value of capillary length, cm:

 Lcap 1 (long capillary) = 10.00,

 Lcap 2 (short capillary) = 5.00;

— permissible differences from the arithmetic mean of two parallel determinations of the tensile strength of the test sample do not exceed ± 10%;

— the rate of pressure increase in the system should not exceed 0.05 kgf / cm2 (5 kPa) in one minute when using a long capillary in the device (Lcap 1 = 10 cm) and 0.05 kgf / cm2 (5 kPa) in two minutes when using in the device of a short capillary (Lcap 1 = 5 cm).