Intelligent Radiometric Pusher Separator

Main technical characteristics of the separator ИРПС
Execution for underground and ground operating conditions
The method of fixing the position of the piece in front of the separating device at the signal of the detecting unit with a collimator or software
Method for measuring the size of a piece programmatically (by gamma field effect)
Separation threshold value management automatic (according to statistics from a previous batch of ore pieces)
Eliminating the effects of dust on pieces by irrigating a stream of pieces
Highlighting Machine-Class Pieces by screening with a screen with easily removable scattering surfaces that make up ИРПС
The size class of the pieces of ore fed to the separator, mm minus 300 plus 80
Input capacity, thousand tons / g not less than 500
Ore Slicer Type conical
Pickup Drive tape (with adjustable speed)
The range of regulation of the uranium content in the tails,% from 0.01 to 0.03
Tail separation efficiency,% not less than 87
The main absolute error of measurements of the uranium content in pieces of tailings,% no more than 0,005
The exposure dose rate of gamma radiation at the location of the ИРПС, μR / h no more than 1 800
Type of gamma ray detection blocks Stintillation or Geiger-Muller, or plastic
Energy range of recorded gamma rays, keV from 63 to 2,200
Power consumption kW 7,5
Weight kg no more than 9,000
Overall dimensions (l x b x h), mm 5000х3000х3500
Frequency of replacement of drive tape and cone armor plates, months 12
Warranty period, months 18
Service life, years 25


Technical design features:

The feeder has easy-change screening surfaces.
The rotation of the cone slicer, in contrast to existing designs, is carried out using a worm gear motor rather than a belt, which dramatically increases the reliability of the separator as a whole and reduces its cost.
The system of gamma-ray detection blocks has an increased sensitivity for measuring the specific activity of each piece, which allows us to expand the range of sizes of pieces.
Measurement of the weight of a piece is carried out by the gamma-field effect method programmatically without the use of size sensors.
The position of the piece in front of the separating device is fixed using a special detection unit with a collimator.
In the detection units, sensitivity is automatically adjusted according to the light or gamma-raper using precision spectrometric electronics.
All mechanics and electronics are designed for underground use.

The design of the separator is easily disassembled, which creates the necessary conditions for the movement of the separator in underground conditions.