Contract works



1) ESTABLISHMENT of supporting and enclosing structures of buildings and structures:

— engineering preparation of construction; excavation; foundation construction; erection of concrete, monolithic or prefabricated reinforced concrete, panel and volume-block, stone and reinforced stone, wooden, reinforced cement and gypsum concrete, polymer, plastic and combined structures of buildings and structures; construction of engineering structures.

2) WORKS on finishing constructions and equipment:

— facade decoration; installation of windows, doors, gates, etc .; glazing; finishing facilities; facing of rooms; decoration of ceilings, floors; roofing device.

3) INSTALLATION of internal engineering systems, networks, devices and measuring instruments:

— plumbing and sewage; heating; ventilation and air conditioning; gas supply and gas equipment; power supply, electrical equipment and electric lighting; automation and instrumentation; communication, alarm, radio, television.

4) PROTECTION of structures, equipment and networks:

— waterproofing; thermal insulation, anti-corrosion protection.

5) INSTALLATION of technological equipment.